Hire a professional pre-packing service from Roma at great removal costs

When you have to move… do it with the careful movers

SOUTH WEST REMOVALS has a great range of services, but regardless of which service you choose, you can be sure that it will be done with the utmost care.

Complete service

Whether you want us to pack everything in your home or just selected items, SOUTH WEST REMOVALS will save you much time and effort. We can pack everything in your home, carefully wrapping all your goods, and packing your TV etc. It’s all part of our service from Roma.


SOUTH WEST REMOVALS can store your furniture for a day, week, or a year! If you are taking the scenic route to your new home, we can store it until you arrive. Perhaps your new home isn’t as spacious as your old home? Our secure storage solutions ensure that your furniture stays safe until you are ready to use it again. 


As much as we take the greatest care, accidents can happen. We can help protect your goods and furniture with a great range of insurance options. This means that if anything happens to any of your goods, they will be replaced or repaired. We can help you determine the right value for your insurance.

Pre-packing service